We have a passion for creating a more peaceful, harmonious and just world. Imagine being able to connect with others regardless of your differences, to be able to resolve conflict in a respectful manner, in which everyone's values and needs are nourished.


Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication is taught through workshops and practice groups, as well as other modalities. By developing an NVC consciousness, we can see our common humanity, hear others, and speak our "truth," without blame, judgment or criticism. These skills are relevant to all areas of our lives: intimate relationships, family, friends, clients, co-workers, any, and everyone you interact with.


We also bring an NVC consciousness into the public policy domain, believing in "power with," the state of collaboration and synergy. In business or political settings, “power over” is often used to have authority over personnel or constituents. We believe in empowering public wisdom. Our Value Matters offers workshops aimed at empowerment, advocacy, and influencing public policy.

It is the acid test of nonviolence that in a nonviolent conflict there is no rancor left behind, and in the end the enemies are converted into friends.

-- M.K. Gahndhi